Squag, this very cool social platform was created specifically for kids on the spectrum, by folks that really get it. H’s Squagpad offers a great opportunity for relationships to occur really naturally… based on each Squagger’s specific interest. If a kid needs caregiver support, great, if not, they can use more indepently, but always in a safe, protective, calm environment. Squagger’s can set their Squagpad’s up just the way they want. They can choose pictures, videos, write in their journals. Parents can also post affirmations in their child’s Squagpad, we post little “happys” but also some deeper thoughts so H can self-reflect . I’m also in love with the aesthetics of the whole site – beautiful! Squag is so positive, happy and cool, we love it!


Canine Companions for Independence Life. Changing. Henry’s dog, Denzel from CCI, has been so amazing for him. I know there are many wonderful organizations out there, but we’ve had personal experience with CCI. Every person we were involved with- you know who you are- at the Southeastern CCI was beyond extraordinary, truly every staff member, the amazing puppy raisers, the board members, ALL exceptional. It involves an intense 2 week training session, where you live on campus in a dormitory, which I wish I’d taped. It’ s surreal living with other people,  but definitely two of the most incredible weeks Henry and I have ever spent. Denzel is amazing with Henry and Henry loves him so much.

Therasuit, you may have had a hint or two that we love it.Henry had amazing results with it. We did happen to have two of the most incredible therapists on the planet, but the thought and science behind TheraSuit makes a lot of sense to us. Check out the TheraSuit Method website and check out H’s experience here.


iPad. Shocker right? Huge difference for Henry. For any child that has issues with fine motor skills or communication, it is a necessity. The touchscreen alone makes it invaluable, the fact that a kid with balance issue can carry it easily is an enormous bonus. He can do anything on his ipad, it’s cool and opens up the world. What more could you want?

Proloquo2go, this app for iPad is our favorite. We researched a lot of Augmentative Communication devices that were very expensive and heavy. Proloquo2go is under $200 and has been amazing fior Henry and easy to program. There are other many other apps like this, just find one that works for you.

AAC in your pocket