Abuse of 7 year old An heroic intern at seven year old Teria’s school had a hunch that school physical therapist Debra Copland was abusive to students with special needs and secretly recorded her sessions. She was right.  During a 30-minute physical therapy session with  Copland , Teria can be seen sitting in the video when then woman comes over and shoves her back to the ground and says, “Get down now. I said down. No.”

The woman is also seen picking Teria up and making her stand with her legs in locked braces stating, ” Stand up you little b—-, stand up.”

Teria is then seen on video standing for a long period of time and the therapist speaks to her in harsh words.

Debra Copland is on paid administrative leave from the School of Bright Promise in Jefferson County, Ohio and is facing three charges of child endangerment.

The Browns’ attorney said an intern working at the school hand a hunch about mistreatment and secretly recorded this and other sessions. In addition to that video, other recordings of sessions with other students were also turned over to Steubenville police.

7 year old

Watch the video here