Kitcho's Separation AgreementA teacher’s aide in Columbia Elementary in Kings Local School District in Warren County tell FOX19  says she witnessed a teacher, Amanda Kitcho, mistreating some of her special needs students on multiple occasions, some of the details of which are now contained in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit quotes the former aide as saying the teacher abused the special needs students in ways that included “seclusion, restraint, physical abuse (such as pushing and shoving), verbal abuse and other emotional abuse.”

Former Special Needs Teacher Amanda KitchoThe district covered up the abuse allegations. Last January, while putting Kitcho on administrative leave, Superintendent, Dr. Valerie Browning ordered Kitcho to stay away from the school. But, allowed her to draw her salary for eight months.

In Kitcho’s separation agreement with the Kings Local School District ,Becky Holloway, who was the school board president last year, agreed that “If the media contacts the Board, the Board will say Ms. Kitcho resigned for personal reasons and an investigation revealed no wrongdoing on her part.”

Recommendation Letter

The assistant superintendent Tina Blair even signed a recommendation letter for the former teacher in which she said Kitcho had created “an environment of respect and rapport.”

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