"alexis at serc"“Resource: A need. To provide. In the United States, we have many resources. What we want and need is readily available to the majority of us within the touch of a screen. So much so, I often think about our abundance, and try to find ways to live more simply.  In many impoverished areas, including much of Nepal, these resources are not readily available, and especially for those with special needs. During our trek, I observed a man with an amputee beg for donations as his only occupation. A brother carried his little brother on his back down the treacherous steps because they didn’t have crutches. But what they lacked for in equipment or opportunities, the people, therapists and teachers that we met, made up with knowledge, experience and RESOURCEfullness! They took what was afforded to them and saw the beauty, promise and potential in the “limitations.” It inspired me to take this back to not only my work, but my life. We should all strive to see the beauty and potential in everything, and everyone, and to me, that is inclusion. “