Happy to be Myself


Respect, understanding, acceptance

Things that make me happy.

Respect, understanding, acceptance

These things make me grow.


I think about my life

And where I am now

I know I would not be here

If not for the respect I receive today


As I prepare for my next trip

My brain gets agitated

The excitement I can barely contain

So much is about to happen


I have all these friends I’ve never met

They are my supporters and they value me


My friends know I’m very disabled

But they never saw me

Will they be shocked?

Disappointed perhaps?


I shouldn’t worry about it

Because I’m sure they respect me

And I know they will see me

Like we should see others – “different, not less”

The place where I’m going

Is where I re-energize

Where I learn how to better type

Where I grow as an advocate


I can stim and be understood

I can refuse to type and not be judged

I can be myself without worries

About being different and so unique


I feel the excitement

Growing every day

But I look forward to

Show how far I’ve come


Respect, understanding, acceptance

Gave me confidence to thrive

I speak up, I advocate

I feel happy, I can be myself



Copyright 2012 by Amy Sequenzia