Henry’s Victory


It started with a thirst for learning

It was a dream said to be too distant

It started with a youngster

Self-determination, choice


But it all started way before that

It all started by the ones just like us

The ones who broke old stereotypes

They did what they knew they could

Even when told it was impossible


It started with Henry

Thirteen years old against a rigged system

He made us think

We rooted for him

He led us through his journey’s path


He knew what he wanted

He came to us

He made us better

We came together and followed him

The movement grew


It started with Henry

A fight for inclusion

A challenge to bias

A desire to learn

Henry led us


I feel optimistic

I can celebrate

A victory of one

A ripple effect will affect many

A good moment


We stood with Henry






Henry won!



Copyright 2012 by Amy Sequenzia

Picture of Amy Sequenzia She is a brunette woman with a black shirt and beige scarf.

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