AudioBookCloud:Your Online Audio Library is an online audio book library collection of streaming audio books for public libraries. A subscription to AudioBookCloud gives your patrons UNLIMITED remote access to your audio book collection.

Like our TumbleBookLibrary and TumbleReadables collections, AudioBookCloud are launched from a link on your library or school website. Your patrons can access the entire collection from any computer with an Internet connection.

Your audio are never all checked out, never on hold. As many people can listen to the same book at the same time as you like!!!

Here’s how it works. Once you have previewed AudioBookCloud and are ready to subscribe, we set up a link on your library web site so your readers can immediately enjoy unlimited remote access to your collection. Once you subscribe, we do the rest: We manage the technology. We support the service. In fact, our system can support a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users, so readers never “compete” for limited library resources. By using technology to deliver literacy, AudioBookCloud takes a load off precious library resources while at the same time enhancing service and access to library members and readers.