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Hello! I’m Nicole Eredics and I’m an Elementary Teacher who has spent over 15 years teaching in an inclusive school system in British Columbia, Canada. As a teacher in an inclusive classroom, I teamed with parents, administrators, co-teachers, paraprofessionals and outside agencies to teach children of all abilities. My strong belief in inclusive education drives my desire to ensure that all children receive equal and enriching education. Since moving to the United States several years ago, I have taken the opportunity to work outside of the classroom. Now, I use my passion for inclusion to share my experiences, resources and knowledge with parents and colleagues. It is my hope that I can help raise awareness for the need to provide a more inclusive society for all. Currently, I co-host a podcast called, The Inclusive Class, on which expert guests are interviewed about various topics related to inclusion. In addition, I host a website with the same name at www.theinclusiveclass.com, that is a blog full of resources and information related to the inclusive classroom. My online LiveBinder, called The Inclusive Class, is stocked full of printables, tip sheets and information about working with children with various needs. And finally, I am a member of the Ollibean Think Tank, where I provide support and information about inclusive education.

A Parent’s Story of Advocacy on The Inclusive Class

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Teachers love a great resource! Especially a resource that is

The Inclusive Class: Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities

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Nicole and Terri are looking forward to interviewing Dr. Sheldon Horowitz about ways classrooms can support children with learning disabilities.

Inclusive Education: It’s Great If You Can Get It

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Inclusive schools need to become a reality for all students

Why Would We Want Inclusive Education?

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Why would we separate, segregate and alienate children from one another while at the same time teach them to look after the world around them, respect differences and take a stand at injustice?

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Top 3 FAQs About Inclusive Education

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Parents naturally want what is best for their child, particularly

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