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Judith Snow ~ Relationships & Inclusion

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"The research shows that when a child who is not academically gifted is included in a regular school, not only do the academics improve across the school, and I did say that, I didn’t say “in the classroom”, I said “across the school”, not only do the academics improve, but drug use and violence goes down."

The Importance of Supports

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"If we invested a mere one-tenth of the amount of money that we currently pour into causation into empowering Autistic people to communicate, that young man and hundreds of thousands more like him would be able to communicate their needs to us today. I am not here today to speak for every Autistic person – that’s impossible. What I am here for is to argue for every Autistic person to have the same opportunity to communicate that I have come to enjoy thanks to the support that I have been lucky enough to receive in my life." Ari Ne'eman

EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America

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The Smithsonian's Web exhibit of the history of people with disabilities in America shown through photos.

Game Changer: Florida Senate Unanimously Passes Special Education Bill

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The Florida Senate unanimously passed Bill 1108 on April 29th.

Some special education teachers fear losing jobs

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ATLANTA (AP) — Some Atlanta special education teachers say they

Law Would Give Parents Final Say About Special Diploma Track

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A proposed law moving quickly through the Legislature would give parents of kids receiving special education services the final say about their child’s placement on a special diploma track.

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