It is the job of a family to love and support each other. Thinking hate -kidnapping-disease -killing- divorce is hurting the child you are to protect.

Every time the family talking about the bad-terrible-life-of-autism you are hurting your son your daughter.

This family is hurting the child inside.

The boy’s grandmother maybe does not know how outside people are treating autistic people.

It is not good. It is very hard .

Very hard to have people treat you like you are not a person. It is real. It is real everyday life of people treating you as not a person.

The family talking of the terrible life of autistic people, this is more cause for outside people to think we autistic are not people.

The family talking like this is making no safe place. No place for the son or the daughter to know they are a person.

This old thinking needs to stop. Families that love the children, if you love them, this needs to stop.It needs to stop now. Did you ask the grandson how he is feeling? How he is feeling about your autism speaks speaks ? What does he say? Let us hear his speaking for autism.

Best place for all autistic people, all disabled not disabled people, all families to speak together. Speak together for acceptance, inclusion, communication, and rights for all people.

I am thinking when you look closely, this is what autism is.