Welcome to the Autistic Community

How to Use This Book

“Everyone is different, and sometimes people are born autistic. The first thing you must know is that autism is not a bad thing; you are not sick or bad. You are just different, and that is good.

This book will help you to learn about autism. It will teach you what it is and how to live with it. Being autistic is not bad, but it is also not easy. You will learn as you grow up that you think and act differently than your friends. You might not understand something when others seem to. It’s possible you might even feel a bit embarrassed because of it.

Well, don’t worry. This book will not only tell you what Autism means, but it will also help you learn how to include it into your daily life.

Autism is not a sickness, or something to be cured. It is a part of you, and it will be for the rest of your life. But being autistic just means you look at the world differently. You are the only one who can decide what it means for your future – but it never hurts to ask for help. ”

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