Avielle Rose Richman Avielle Rose Richman, 6, daughter of Jennifer Hensel and Jeremy Richman of Newtown, died December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She was born October 17, 2006, in San Diego, Calif., and she moved to Connecticut with her parents in 2011.

Avie was a first grader at Sandy Hook. She was born with a spitfire personality, which continued as she grew into a lover and teller of stories. She offered her heart to everyone. With an infectious smile and peals of laughter, people were drawn to her beautiful spirit, which will live on in all of our hearts.

Avielle is survived by a large community of friends and family who love her.

Her passions and joys were her friends, music, horseback riding, archery, kung fu, swimming, ice skating, and participating in super hero adventures.

The curly-headed little girl known as Avie Richman loved a lot of things. Horses. Harry Potter. The color red. She tried archery after watching the Disney movie “Brave.”

The family is making arrangements for a memorial fund for those who wish to contribute.

Jennifer’s high school classmates have established a memorial account in Avielle’s memory.  Contributions can be made to the fund at:

Aiges Credit Union

1200 North Second Street

Clinton, Iowa  52732

(563) 242-0531