The Jazz of Matt Savage, WMUR-TV

Matt's interview on WMUR-TV Channel 9's New Hampshire Chronicle, January 6, 2011 Check out Matt's website for more info  

They call me Barney Fife

One out of four people that use accessible parking spaces, should not be using them. One out of four people think it's ok to park in a spot specifically designed and strategically to make it easier for someone who uses a wheelchair to have enough space to actually open the door to their van? Ok to park in a space designated for someone who has a heart condition so they don't have to walk quite as far?

Ollibean Heads to Nepal in March

We know how challenging it is in the States for our kids to have the supports they need to get an education and it is 100 times more challenging for our friends in Nepal.

The Making of Sensitive

From The Miracle Project..the making of "Sensitive", a song about bullies. Wyatt Isaacs sings with Jack Black. Stephen Stills produces it a la sex pistols, with his signature guitar! Learn more about The Miracle Project at , you will love it as much as we do!

Kit( Kids Included Together)

Kids Included Together (KIT) specializes in providing best practices training for community–based organizations committed to including children with and without disabilities into their recreational, child development and youth development programs. Utilizing a blended learning style


For more information about incredible films related to disabilities, check out Sprout, programs for people with disabilities. Sproutflix features films from around the world that focus on the lives and accomplishments of people with developmental disabilities.

Certain Proof – A Question of Worth

Certain Proof: A Question of Worth is a feature documentary about three children living with significant communication and physical disabilities, who struggle against the public schools in an emotional battle to prove their worth.

The Pearls Project-Teaching Empathy

Students at Ridgewood High School were shown photos of young people with genetic disorders and told not to look away. The unusual lessons are part of a new effort, called the Pearls Project, to promote

Judy Endow
Judy EndowWriter
Judy Endow, MSW is an author, artist, and international speaker on a variety of autism-related topics.
Henry Frost
Henry FrostWriter, Jr. Editor
Henry Frost is an author and advocate for equal education and access.
Amy Sequenzia
Amy SequenziaWriter
Amy Sequenzia is a non-speaking Autistic, multiply disabled activist and writer. Amy writes about disability rights, civil rights and human rights.
Lauri Swann Hunt
Lauri Swann HuntWriter
Advocate committed to inclusion & social justice, proud mother of three wonderful humans, and part of the team that started Ollibean.

All children should grow up feeling loved accepted and whole. Not just at home, but in their schools and communities.

Over 30 years of research shows that ALL students do better in inclusive educational settings – both socially and academically.

High expectations and access to rich academic content benefits each and every child.

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