You look at me
But you don’t see me
You talk about me but not to me
You think you know all about me
But you deny my humanity
You think I don’t have wishes
You believe I don’t have plans
You don’t respect my basic rights
According to you I should be grateful
That I have a place to sleep
That I have three meals a day
If I say I want to go out
You ignore me
To you I am only a burden
Too disabled to have an opinion
To you I don’t count as a person
To you I am a case number
A problem
Something less than human
You come to my home
You look at me
You ignore me
I have a lot to say
But you won’t listen
You are the one losing your humanity.

Picture of Amy Sequenzia

Amy Sequenzia is an Ollibean writer and Think Tank member. To read more articles by Amy please click here.