Breaking News from Autistic Hoya: The End of Torture at the JRC?

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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick filed a motion to vacate (render null) the 1987 settlement agreement that has permitted the Judge Rotenberg Center to use aversives, including the notorious electric shock GED devices.

Love is in the Air – Media Profiles People with Disabilities

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Bill’s and Shelley’s path to marriage is not unlike many others who fall in love, lose touch as life takes its turns, and reconnect later in life when the time is right.

Krip-Hop Nation: Music, Advocacy and Education

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"Where were the other people who looked like me as a Black disabled young man? With this continuous question of race and disability along with my love of poetry and music, I started to question the arena of music and performance around the representation of musicians with disabilities, especially disabled musicians of color." - Leroy F. Moore, Jr.

‘Impaired Perceptions’ – Photographer Brian Steel Fights Ableism

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"The overall message is that you cannot tell what a person is capable of or what their life is like simply by looking at them. " Brian Steel

It is About Respect

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Respect for one another is one basic quality if we want to have meaningful conversations and relationships with other human beings. The ableism that disabled people experience is a form of disrespect.

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