Emilie Parker, 6,

Quick to cheer up those in need of a smile, Emilie Parker  never missed a chance to draw a picture or make a card.

Her father, Robbie Parker, fought back tears as he described the beautiful, blonde, always-smiling 6-year-old girl who loved to try new things, except food.

“I’m so blessed to be her dad,” he said.

Relatives recalled a girl full of love, compassion, charity and enthusiasm. Her father said she loved to pick flowers – ‘like a goat’. He finally told her to limit the picking to dandelions.

‘Emilie always wanted to help people feel better,’ the family said in an obituary. ‘Her compassion and charity was exemplified with her hugs, the cards she would make, and her statement that, “I wish everybody could just be happy”.’


Emilie Parker Memorial Fund: Emilie Parker, 6, was one of 26 victims killed on Friday in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. To support Emilie’s parents, Robbie and Alissa, in paying for medical expenses, arranging for a funeral in Utah and taking off from work to spend time with family, friends and relatives have set up the Emilie Parker Memorial FundChecks can be mailed to: Emilie Parker Memorial PO Box 12751

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America First Credit Union: Emilie Parker Memorial Account #5001359. For AFCU members transfer into Share Savings. For Non-AFCU members the routing number is 324377516

PAYPAL: Use the email – emilieparkermemorial@gmail.com

For US Post-Mail use:
Emilie Parker Memorial
PO Box 12751
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The 6-year-old Utah native, one of 20 schoolchildren gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary, was remembered Wednesday by family and friends as a youngster who noticed the little things in life that made big differences in lives.

Parker said one of the young victims, 7-year-old Josephine Gay, had trouble communicating. Josephine was supposed to have a birthday party the next day, Dec. 15, and Emilie wanted to get her friend the perfect gift.

So Alissa Parker, Emilie’s mother, took her daughter to the toy store. Emilie, her uncle recalled, had noticed Josephine’s face would light up at the sight of a Barbie backpack. She’d smile when she saw a pink tutu.

For 30 minutes, Emilie roamed the store’s aisles. When she came back, James Parker said, it was with a ballet Barbie doll. Two gifts in one.