Presume Competence, Believe in Yourself, Treat Yourself Like You Are Your Own Best Friend, Breathe, Do Your Thing, Hug Those You Love..Every Single Day, Challenge the Paradigm, Take a Million Pictures, Play, Trust Your Gut, Keep All Records and Reports, Believe in Random Acts of Silliness, Be Informed, Think in Parallel, Turn It Up to 11, Appreciate the Beauty and Strength in Our Diversity, Question Everything, Love Deeply, Research, Own Your Diffability,Bust a Move, Know That Typical Is Overrated, Lean Into It, Embrace The Teachable Moments, Call on a Friend, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh,  Sleep When You Can, We Are More Alike Than We Are Different, All of a Kind, Ollibean

Yeah, why not the whole week? The kids said I was starting to throw out the Mother’s Day “card” a bit early  when I asked them to do something for me yesterday, but I think today is a great time to start celebrating mothering.

The Ollibean Creed  is made up of all of the things that we think are helpful and relevant for parents of kids with and without disabilities or  “special needs”. This week it will serve as a Mamafesto in honor of Mother’s Day.

Day 1 will focus on Turn It Up to 11  &  Bust a Move … Music!

Music is such a big part of our household. We dance, sing, listen to it way too loudly in the car, so loudly that my sister’s kids call our preferred volume “Aunt Lolly Loud”.

Particular songs mark our timelines-kind of like a family soundtrack.

Remember the summer in Atlanta?

You mean the “Hips Don’t Lie” / “Animal Crackers” summer or “Feel Good, Inc” / Gnarls Barkeley  “Crazy” summer?

Whatever  song that was  heavy on our family playlist is tied to the memory of that point in time. Luckily, we share a fondness for playing a song over and over and over. Or at least the kids have indulged my love of the repeat.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day Week, is there a song that makes you think about why you love being a mom? Or a song that just reminds you of your family ? Or just a song you love? Share it!

We have adorable refrigerator magnets with the Ollibean Creed on them that we would love to share and will send the first 10 people that post their fav song here or on our FB page.