White text reads "National Mobility Awareness Month" on a green and blue background that looks like a spiral top bound notebook. There is a small image of a vehicle with a little handicap symbol inside.Hey guys, we need five minutes of your time. Disability rights advocate, Ollibean contributor, and all around awesome human, Emily Ladau is in a contest to win her first car. Emily recently had quite an adventure getting her driver’s license and now she can legally drive! Emily’s a wheelchair user and needs an adapted van and equipment which will cost around $70,000.

Folks, please take a moment, read her story and vote daily so Emily can win the van she needs in order to drive.  You can register to vote via e-mail, but be sure to check your spam folder for the password they send. Or, you can vote via a social media account. Your vote takes a couple of minutes tops and would mean so much to Emily and to all of us at Ollibean.

Image with light green background. Blue banner at top reads "Vote for Emily Ladau." A smaller blue banner below says "Help her win a wheelchair van!" Below is a picture of Emily, who has curly brown hair, wears glasses, and is in a blue and white dress with blue shoes and a white sweater. She is in her power wheelchair sitting in front of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on a rainy day. Below in black text it says Since graduating Adelphi University in 2013, Emily has been pursuing a career advocating for the disabiled. Read more about what she's been up to and please vote daily for her to win an adapted van at http://www.mobilityawarenessmonth.com/entrant/emily-ladau-west-babylon-ny/ Below this is an image of the NMEDA National Mobility Awareness Month Logo and a QR code. In between it says Thank you for your support in Emily's pursuit of independence.