Ollibean Holiday Giveaway “The Real Experts”

image: cover of the book “The Real Experts” The cover art is a bright colored geometric pattern Text on the cover reads “Full of practical advice…a landmark book” -Steve Silberman THE REAL EXPERTS READNGS FOR PARENTS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN Edited by Michelle SuttonThe Real Experts : Readings for Parents of Autistic Children edited by Michelle Sutton features essays by Nick Walker, Ally Grace, Emily Paige Ballou, Alyssa Hillary, Cynthia Kim, Kassiane Sibley, Sparrow Rose Jones, Michael Scott Monje Jr., Elizabeth J. Grace, Briannon Lee, Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, and Amy Sequenzia.

“How do I help my child to thrive? To be healthy and happy, to fulfill his or her positive potentials, and to grow up to lead a good life? Every parent of an autistic child struggles daily with this question. Just trying to understand an autistic child’s actions, feelings, and needs can seem like an overwhelming challenge. It doesn’t help that professional “experts” and the mass media bombard us with all sorts of harmful and terrifying misinformation about autism.”

We love this book so much and think everyone should have a copy.

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