Ardmore City Schools has adopted a new program called Inclusion Education for students needing special services.

Students, regardless of abilities, are kept in the general education classroom all day.

“I believe in it wholeheartedly,” said Carolyn Thomas, special services director. “The principal is to educate everybody. The method may be different and a different delivery, but the goal is to educate everybody.”

Before, students would be pulled out of class each day to receive instruction from the special education teacher.

“At first, the students weren’t sure and asked to come to my classroom,” Knight said. “Now, they don’t feel so secluded and I check on everybody, even those students without IEPs.”
Depending on the school, the faculty and the lesson of the day, Inclusion works different ways. Some special education teachers tutor any students that need assistance. Other times, they will work with the general education teacher and co-teach a lesson. Lastly, each teacher or paraprofessional will be in charge of a station when students rotate through several activities in small groups.


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