change leaders , the most innovative passionate, doers on the planet. get inspired. ollibeanIntroducing Ollibean Change Leaders – comprised of the most innovative, passionate doers on the planet. Folks out there blazing a trail for the rest of us, leaders in advocacy, inclusive education, cutting edge medicine, technology, human rights, the arts, disability rights, and philanthropy. They are changing things for people of all abilities. They are the Einsteins, the Ghandis, the Martin Luther Kings, the Helen Kellers of our generation. You’ve probably heard of most of them, and if you haven’t, you will.

We all have the power to create real change and make our world a better place, we just have to do it. Our hope is that getting a glimpse into the lives of people out there making a difference will inspire you to do the same.

Each week, we’ll feature one of our Change Leaders. You’ll learn about them, what they are doing and why. We’ve done our own twist on a Proust Questionnaire, so you’ll get to see different takes on the same question from all our leaders.

We need your help. If you’re motivated by something in particular from one of our interviews, do something. Anything. A big act or a small act, we all start somewhere. Let us know what you’ve done, why you were inspired. You may just be the next Change Leader.

Change. It’s happening now. Be part of it.