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Judith Snow, MA is a social innovator and an advocate for Inclusion – communities that welcome the participation of a wide diversity of people. She is also a visual artist and Founding Director of Laser Eagles Art Guild, an organization making creative activity available through personal assistance to artists with diverse ability:

Ms. Snow consults and provides workshops on inclusion, person centered planning, personal assistance, support circle building, family support and inclusive education. Her goal is to foster an understanding of how people with disabilities can be full participants in communities everywhere.

Ms. Snow has a background of 25 years of research design and implementation, most notably working with the Institute on Disability, UNH in the ’90’s to provide design of a post-intervention instrument, train interviewers to perform in inclusive community environments, and participate in analysis and report writing with the National Home of Your Own Alliance, a 23 state technical assistance program funded through the Administration for Developmental Disabilities.

Judith Snow does this work out of a lifetime of being labeled disabled herself. Among other achievements she lived in a chronic care environment for four years and, with the assistance of a strong support circle, became the first person in Canada to receive government mandated individualized funding for personal assistance.

Inclusion is an opportunity for EVERYONE! We are dedicated to presenting diversity as a fertile resource for social and economic breakthroughs in our world. Everything presented here is based on Judith Snow’s insight that the personal and social differences that challenge us are storehouses of contributions and opportunities. When we see diversity as the rich gift that it is and when we learn how to dance with these gifts our whole world will explode with abundance and creativity.