In my house we don’t use labels. I am just Henry. Just like my sister is just Olivia. Just like my other sister is just Lily.

I could have many labels. To many people, I do.

I have a tshirt that says “Label Jars Not People”. That says it well .

I choose to identify as autistic. I choose to use this because of community. Not to tell you what I am or what I am not.

I am proud to be an autistic advocate standing up for inclusion. I think all people have the same rights. Labels should not be for separation. People are more than a word. People are complex.

I am not defined by any label. I am just me. I have other disability labels I don’t use. That may change. It is my choice.

I am an advocate. A student. A communicator. A friend. A Nascar fan. A son. An activist. A brother. A teenager. A typer. A baseball player. A traveller.

I am ordinary. I am extraordinary.

I am complex.

I am a person .