No Limits

Transcript: Once upon a time there were people with cerebral palsy that were pretty normal really.

But they had to put up with this: Condescending Tools.

Condescending Tools.

Condescending Tools.

I knew there was something wrong with them when he spoke to me like I was four years old.

“How is your day going?”

It can happen to anyone.

We don’t know the cause.

There is no cure.

It’s the hardest thing to put up with.

They’re everywhere.

And you don’t want anyone-

To become what they are.

It’s incredibly irritating. The worst thing isn’t the condescending tone or being spoken to like a toddler. Not the assumption that we’re incapable. Or stupid.

The worst thing is they think we are their good deed for the day. Every 15 seconds an Australian with cerebral palsy encounters a Condescending Tool. Help us make condescending tools a thing of the past.

Make a donation at and help change public opinion about people with cerebral palsy.