After his son’s diagnosis, filmmaker Todd Drezner decided to take a look at autism around the country. Is it a disease or a simply a difference? The result, “Loving Lamposts” is a beautiful film that illustrates the autism wars that are going on within the community

Dresner talks to doctors and parents involved with the “recovery movement”, who believe that autism is an epidemic that has occured due to exposure to environmental toxins. They also believe that autism’s symptoms can be reversed, and many have children that have been “cured”.

Loving Lamposts” also talks to individuals within the “neurodiversity movement”,  which views autism as a neurological diiference, that should be accepted and supported. Drezner also talks to the very important but often ignored group within the autism community- adults with autism. These adults illustrate the problem with neurotypicals judging the life of an individual with autism.

“Loving Lamposts” is available on itunes, Netflix and the DVD is available for purchase.