A man with autism and his caregiver were shot by an off-duty Camden police officer, who thought his home was being burglarized, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

NBC10’s Katy Zachry talked with investigators who say the 21-year-old man had just been dropped off at his home on the 2800 block of Arthur Avenue by his special needs school in Cherry Hill and was met at his house by his caretaker.

Investigators say instead of going to his front door, the 21-year-old with autism went across the street and started banging very loudly on a neighbor’s door.

Investigators tell NBC10’s Zachry that an off-duty Camden police officer lives at that home and heard commotion and banging outside his door.

The caretaker ran across the street and tried to pull the man away from the front door of the neighbor’s home. The officer fired several shots at the door, because he thought his home was being broken into, according to prosecutors, who say that both men were shot.

“We lived on this block for 17 years with that same neighbor. He knows better than that and I think there’s no excuse for it to be honest,” said Hector Medina, victim’s brother.

The 21-year-old was hit in the arm and is in stable condition at Cooper University Hospital.

The caretaker was shot in the chest and is in very critical condition.

Medina says he is praying for the caretaker and says it’s sad to know all the man was doing was his job.

Investigators couldn’t tell NBC10’s Katy Zachry what the officer was doing before he fired his gun.

He is being questioned and as of late Friday night, no charges have been filed.