As a pediatric PT, I often hear requests for “another lap on the tricycle” or “can I go back to my room now? Puhhhleeeease!” But the question of going to Nepal to fulfill one of my life’s dreams has only one answer: “YES!”

I grew up playing soccer. My family and I dedicated much of my childhood free time to road trips, holiday tournaments and the goal of obtaining a college scholarship to play. I signed with a small, liberal arts university in Alabama. While training preseason, I heard and felt a “POP”. I would spend the next 4 years in and out of the game and physical therapy. My PT became my mentor, then my boss. He inspired me every day to give back, and to cherish our vocation of helping to heal others.

So what can I do as a pediatric PT for the children with disabilities and their families in Nepal? I want to teach. I want to build. I want all children to be included and “walk” together. To learn. To play. To love and feel loved. Because for as much as I may be able to give, they give me so much more:)

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Alexis Clarkson MPT, PCS
OlliNepal Team Member

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