New Voices is a short-term, intensive, individualized educational program for elementary-aged children with physical and communicative disabilities. Inclusion in all aspects of school, home and community life with transition back to a local school is our guiding philosophy.

New Voices will:

· Provide an educational program to increase literacy and communication skills (following the NC Standard Course of Study)

· Equip and support students in the most advanced communication technology appropriate to their unique needs

· Provide specialized, in-depth assessment and intervention

· Provide supplemental healthcare maintenance and support, and ensure each child has a medical home

· Maximize student’s independence, social-emotional development, and academic achievement skills

· Engage parents and families at all levels in academic, psychosocial, medical, and transitional activities

· Provide outreach to local communities and schools to ensure positive transitions

· Offer in-service and pre-service training for professionals and university students in related disciplines

Children Who Will Benefit from Assessment and Education Programs
Children with:

· multiple physical challenges requiring comprehensive and highly specialized medical, therapeutic and academic programs

· moderate to severe communication needs requiring experienced teachers and therapists, adaptive equipment and alternative communication systems

· complex medical conditions requiring medical support services and closely monitored classroom settings

· post traumatic injuries requiring a rehabilitative setting, social skills building, special academic support

· severe learning problems related to communication and physical disabilities requiring assessment of learning style, remediation techniques and one-to-one instruction to achieve academic progress