At Purple, we’re dedicated to developing fast, easy and convenient communications solutions and services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and businesses using a variety of different platforms. As a leading provider of on-site interpreting services, video relay services (VRS), text relay services and video remote interpreting (VRI), Purple has built an excellent reputation for developing products and services that open communications between all people, regardless of differences in abilities, languages and locations.

Because of our many innovations and firsts, including Internet relay, wireless relay, mobile communication apps, real local 10-digit number access for video and text relay customers and interpreting services, Purple continues to be a leader in the relay industry, allowing millions of people to enrich their lives through easy and accessible communications access.

In the not so distant past, our customers were limited to a television or desktop computer in order to make or receive a call. Purple’s team of product development experts are dedicated to developing products and services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Because of Purple, it’s no longer necessary for our customers to schedule calls simply because of antiquated technology and methods. Instead, we are continually expanding choices, allowing our customers to communicate easily and freely, anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

Why we do it
At Purple, our “why” is just as important as our “what” and “how.” We know what we do and how we do it, but it’s “why” we do what we do that continues to drive and shape our company.

We believe free-flowing communications is a right, not a luxury. That’s why Purple continues to develop applications and software that’s easy to install and use with a variety of different platforms, including those historically used by hearing individuals, like smartphones. Hearing people rarely have to worry about missing a moment, unlike Deaf people, who before Purple, couldn’t just pick up their cell phone or iPad® 2 in the middle of the mall and share to their friends or family that they just found THE dress, or go to the grocery store and call their loved one because they forgot which salad dressing to buy. These are things hearing people can take for granted – Purple doesn’t.