Light orange and light yellow striped rectangle with quote marks cut out in top left corner and bottom right corner. White text reads: “First, we must ensure that all children, including and especially those with disabilities, receive a quality education. Inclusion means nothing if a child is not receiving a good education, which is, in fact, the very reason we have schools in the first place. " Cara Liebowitz thatcrazycrippledchick.blogspot.comDuring the school day, I was frequently pulled out of class for physical and occupational therapy.  Once my therapists realized that pulling me out of academic subjects wasn’t a good idea, they started pulling me from lunch.  I’d either scarf down my lunch and rush to therapy, or bring my lunch with me to therapy and eat before starting my exercises, acutely aware that this was cutting into my already limited therapy time.  And my PT wondered why my “lunch” normally consisted of a chocolate milk and a bag of chips – it was portable, quick, and edible.  And that was if I had a lunch period at all, which wasn’t a given.  So my therapists turned to pulling me out of resource room.  The resource room period that I had specifically written into my IEP to accommodate the need for extra time on tests.  Many days my therapists would come looking for me when I was trying to finish a test, and be annoyed that I hadn’t shown up to therapy.  My therapy period would often run over and I’d be late to class.  Again.