George, Lexi, Scarlett

Alex, Lakesha, Tracy



Katie, Daniel, Marcus

Angelica, Zain, Tiffany



Not united by race

Did not share the same religion

Diverse in ethnicity


One thing they shared

They were disabled


Children gone too soon

Young adults, now forever young



Mothers, fathers, siblings, caregivers

They were supposed to protect

Trusted ones, loved ones

They became the biggest threat


Children gone too soon

Young adults, now forever young




They died in fear


Hurt by hands that should offer comfort


The love of a parent lost in blood

The air no longer available

Eyes that saw terror




Jeremy, Maxwell, Casey

Pierre, James, Ryan

Never forget


Calista, Shylea, Tony

Betty, Walter, Leosha

There are so many


Ajit, Christopher, Kenneth

Faryaal, Emily, Karandeep

Jori, Noe, Chase

Courtney, Ulysses, Ethan

Gabriel, Johnny, Pamela

My heart aches

My soul is crying


Boys and girls, gone too soon

Young adults who will never grow old


It did not have to happen

It happened because they were disabled


Never forget

Remember them

They were one of us

Their lives valuable to us




Copyright 2013 by Amy Sequenzia


After I wrote this, another child was murdered. Randle Barrow, drowned by his mother. My heart hurts.

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