photograph of a light skinned  girl with curly long blonde hair singing on a stage. She is wearing a black dress.

Rion Paige blew everyone away at the “X Factor” audition. This beautiful, charismatic 13 year old has an absolutely incredible voice and exudes such confidence and poise it’s hard to believe she ‘s only 13. Rion has arthogryposis multiplex congenta which causes joint contractures and vision loss.

Rion spoke about her audition on the “X Factor”, “Ever since I was little I‘d just try to find a way to get to a microphone, put it in between my knees and try to get it in my foot, put it in my mouth. But sometimes I just get really frustrated whenever I couldn’t accomplish something that I think I could . So, music helps me to be able to explain my feelings. I just want the judges to not take pity, or think of me as different. Every day you have your doubts, will they be like, why can’t she move? I’m like scared because I think that the judges won’t like me or something, but I know it’s worth taking a risk for.”

Simon Cowell and Kelly Rowland addressed the singer’s talent and passion. Cowell said ” “I think you’re literally extraordinary. I really do,” Cowell said.
“I remember the first day I met Carrie Underwood and I remember predicting this girl was going to go on and do special things with her life and I’m going to say the same about you, Rion. I’m going to remember this audition for a long, long time.”