Best Buddies gave Lily my sister this nomination of champion. Best world is when there is no need for special buddies all just life happening friends.

Lily is not helping to be the helper. She is standing with us.

Best Buddies Champion page for Lily  here.

photo of three young adults

By Lily Frost

We are all the same because we are all different. Most importantly, we are all equal. We are all humans who deserve to be included and supported in our communities. Unfortunately, people take those differences and variations and use them to separate themselves from others. We do not have to be separated by our differences. Instead we can celebrate those differences and see them as the natural part of human diversity. Disability is a social construct, we all are more alike than different. By walking and talking together as buddies we can change lives. At Best Buddies, they match people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with peer buddies. I am in the high school chapter of Best Buddies. School is one of the most important places to be included. During the school year it basically is your home. You spend more time at school during those 10 months than you do at home. School is a place where you hang out with your friends. School is a place where you meet friends. School is a place where you learn, experience, and grow. How can one do this if they’re not included? No one wants to be excluded, to stand alone, to be left out of the conversation. No one wants to be forgotten. So why are some individuals treated this way? It does not have to be like that though. It just takes one person to stand up and include, and the rest will follow. Joining Best Buddies really helps show people how easy it is to do this. Be that person, take a stand, make a difference. This is just the beginning, change is going to come. I am so honored to be part of a program that stands for Inclusion as their finish line. An organization whose vision is to put themselves out of business – Meaning that in the future inclusion will no longer be an issue it will be a given. All of our voices are louder and stronger together. It’s happening right now. Be a part of it, and spread the word. Inclusion.