I feel happiness.

I wanted to write about this a few weeks ago but some sad things, some injustices hit, once again, our community. We had to focus on those things – although I could not gather my thoughts and channel my emotions to write about it – in order to open people’s eyes, in order to protest, in order to show the dangerous reality some of us face.

But we must also remember the good things. And what happened since we declared “I Stand With Henry” is very good.

Henry demanded his rights and he got them . But that is only the prelude of a success story. Henry may feel like giving us all the details some day, but I know he is a winner.

Even though he only started school several months after the other kids, he worked hard and excelled. Even if he had not done so well, he is learning things he was denied before. He is learning!

But he did great!

So, I stood with Henry and today I feel happier. You should too.

Presumption of competence, supports, accommodations, fairness. Watch Henry out in the world! And he will be presenting at a conference!

More good news? Henry’s good typing friend Leif  just got a new heart. He has a new, healthy heart beating inside his chest! I think of him. He also has things he wants to say.

I am proud of you Henry! I am waiting for your words Leif!

More good news! Henry and Leif are going to meet for the first time! A lot of good things to share!


Amy Sequenzia

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