Mental Health Therapy and the Autistic Client: When Clinicians Don’t See the Autism (It’s All the Autism)

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When Clinicians Attribute All Psychiatric Symptomatology to the Autism

The Advantage of Autistic Difference in Visual Perception

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Autistic writer, artist and consultant, Judy Endow on autistic difference

Autism and Movement Fluidity in Thinking

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Autism and Movement Fluidity in Thinking by Judy Endow Unreliable Fluidity

Parents, Are You Listening To Your Child?

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As a non-speaking Autistic, I pay special attention to comments and statements made by parents of other non-speaking Autistics, especially children. Many times I see parents lamenting that they will never listen to their Autistic child say "I love you", or how much they long to hear those words.

Autism, Accommodation and Differential Expectations

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People generally are very pleased with themselves when they have made an accommodation for me. I know this because they proudly announce it! In turn, I have learned to say thank you when people announce their thoughtfulness at making an accommodation for me. I truly am thankful because it allows me a fuller participation in the events going on around me. It also makes me smile because I have been making accommodations for people my whole life and it has never occurred to me to announce it!

Autistic Neurology or Psychiatric Symptomatology?

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by Judy Endow Sometimes autistic neurology – specifically our

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