Celebrating My Life

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Celebrating My Life  Amy Sequenzia won't stop celebrating her autistic,

Worth A Second Look: Haben Girma’s 2010 Speech on 35th Anniversary of IDEA

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"One of the treasures of IDEA is that it provides children with disabilities the luxury of just being students. Unfortunately there are still many school districts where students with disabilities are denied their right to an education." Haben Girma

I Am Disabled and I Am Proud

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‎"Polite society often tells us that we need to take the 'dis' out of disability, but maybe... just maybe, we should spend some time putting it back in. Take the "dis" out of disability and you remove the core of what has shaped my life. Disability puts the "D" in diversity, but in order to make that a real difference we've got to own that spot. It took me 35 years to respect and honor that truth. Others shouldn't have to wait that long..." Lawrence Carter-Long

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