CTV reports that a 9 year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome was handcuffed by police officers responding to 911 calls from Toronto’s Fairbank Memorial Day Care Center about an “uncontrollable autistic boy” .

Toronto police officers are defending their decision to handcuff the 9 year old child. On July 28th the police received two calls from the day care center where the child was reportedly was throwing chairs, tables, and yes, even paint.
Reports say the child was upset after being bullied by other children during lunch about his disability.
The school placed him in an empty classroom after they were unable to calm him. When the first officer arrived, the child had barricaded himself in the classroom and there “was paint strewn across the facility” .The officer called for backup, after determining the 9 year old was a threat to himself and others, they forced the door open, told the child to lie on the ground and cuffed him. By the time the crisis intervention team arrived, the child had calmed down and was talking to the police about his hobbies. The handcuffs were then removed.
Constable Victor Kwong did point out to CTV.ca that there is no policy against handcuffing children.