You are anywhere
You are anytime
Daring and enticing
Changes unexpectedly predictable
The obstinate constant

I see your bright presence
Piercing my eyes
Crawling into my brain
The pain comes swiftly
And then, the deafening silence

My body shakes in your presence
Uncontrollable moves
A dance of two wills
The music is mute
Rhythmically disordered

Darkness and pain
I’m lost in a sea of dread
Forlorn as you carefully exit
Leaving behind misery
I tremble as the silence roars

As the pummeling beat of you presence leaves
The sky cracks open in blue
A blissful fatigue
Exhausted excitement
But your absence is not complete

You, the hidden presence, the foe
Imposing and demanding
I wish I could ignore
Your call to interact
My power vanishes as I face yours

Blood circles fast from heart
To body, to heart again
Slowly slowing, suave, stilling
The dark cloud that is you
High above, the bright light will come again

Copyright 2015 by Amy Sequenzia

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