They’ve already seen pain
Despite their young age
They know the words that hurt
They’ve been called names
Young Autistics, seeking acceptance

There are some even younger
Not yet harmed by dismissive words
They don’t know how hurtful it can be
To live in a world that refuses to acknowledge diversity
Young Autistics, flapping their happiness day to day

And from the happy flappiness we get our cue
The world does not change
If we don’t take control of the conversation

The little ones lead the way
Experiencing their unique view of the world
They talk, gesture, point, smile
Communication does not have to be uniform
It is up to us to embrace who they really are

The Autistics who are just a little older
Look at their elders for guidance and support
We let them know they do have value
They are learning about their rights
Facing stigma with courage and resolve

Young Autistics making me happy
Being who they are, showing the world
That they define what is normal
How they learn
What they like

Being their own amazing Autistic selves

Young Autistics make me happy
When they fight to prove their worth
Even though they already are worthy
Just for being part of the humankind

They learn how to communicate
In a way neurotypicals can understand
They show us the brilliant minds
Shield by bigotry, assumptions and lack of imagination
Young Autistics as mentors for change

From the very young
To the ones in their early teens
Young Autistics make me happy
And their families make me smile too

Positive approaches honoring Autistics
Positive self-image, fostering acceptance
Positive attitude, self-advocacy
Positive views for a successful future


Young Autistics making me happy
When they show Autistic pride
Shrugging away old assumptions
Showing the reality of Autistic lives


No more self-loathing
No more silencing
Ready for the fight
Taking back their rights

Being Autistic happy
Living Autistic lives
Positive views, positive future


Copyright 2014 by Amy Sequenzia

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